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Field Support

Tri-Pacific Supply provides factory trained professionals to help keep your equipment functioning at peak performance. Equipment used in the harsh conditions of pipeline operation needs to be serviced and maintained, understanding that some customers may need assistance with this Tri-Pacific has factory trained professionals with the ability to do on the job training with your technicians or simply conduct the maintenance for you. Be assured every product Tri-Pacific maintains will have the highest degree of performance when service has been completed.

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Example Service Offerings

Electro-Fusion Processor

Calibration, function testing and repairs.

YZ Systems Odorizors

Annual and bi-annual rebuilds, commissioning and installation of new units, troubleshooting and testing, odorant tank filling.

CWT Pipeline Heaters

Annual service intervals, start-up and commissioning of new units, troubleshooting and repairs.

Mooney Regulators

Start up and commissioning, station sizing and engineering, troubleshoot and annual testing and rebuilds.

Becker Control Valves

Start up and commissioning, station sizing and engineering, troubleshooting and annual testing and rebuilds.

Sensit Technologies

Sensor replacement, calibration, unit repairs, and function testing.

Plastic and Steal Pipe Squeezers

System testing and repairs.


Regulator and Turbine meter station sizing, commissioning, start up and repairs/rebuild

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